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Visit the About page for general Paul Marshal info and photos. From Radio Bangkok to Giant FM, Forever Endeavor to Paul Marshal solo, you'll find lots of Paul Marshal Bio facts and background stories here.

New and old; check out the tunes & videos, and find out what's going on. Paul Marshal live show dates and selected tracks from the new CD are here as well.

Learn to play guitar with Paul Marshal. City of St Catherines class schedules and links are here, as well as a few select private lesson times are posted when available.

Get in touch with Paul Marshal; mailing address, email and links. You'll find links to the websites of other artists and friends here as well.

Live Shows
See Paul Marshal live; click the music tab for upcoming dates.

Paul Marshal Live

New Music
As requested, the first takes are back up. Plus a new project is taking shape: Bangkok 4 Track. Listen to a track straight out of Bangkok on the music page.

Paul Marshal hosts the Rock & Roll Saturday Night on 91.7 GIANT FM: 5 hours of non-stop Classic Rock from 7pm to Midnight.


On The Air
Listen live Saturday and Sunday, 7pm to midnight on 91.7 GIANT FM.

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