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Paul Marshal began his radio career in 1979 with Radio Aldershot at Aldershot High School in the west end of Burlington Ontario. Amidst hundreds of silver Ban aerosol caps glued to the wall, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Triumph, Teenage Head, etc. were always on the playlist.

Through the first half of the 1980's, Paul played with several southern Ontario bands including Forever Endeavor, The Decoy, and The Originals.

Radio Bangkok
World Famous Radio Bangkok in 1989

After Media Arts at Sheridan College in Oakville, Paul moved to Thailand in 1986 and began work at 95.5 Radio Bangkok where he was an on air host under PD and mentor Richard Jackson (Radio Caroline). Paul was promoted to PD when Richard moved to another station.

Paul played with two notable bands in Thailand: The Farang Band, which hosted relief concerts for the disaster stricken Southern Provinces, and Cow Pat Boom: a popular punk rock band whose name translates to "Fried Rice Explosion."

In 1993, Paul joined 99.5 Capital Radio, where he continued to develop his programming skills with Bobby Bee from KIIS FM in Los Angeles. Host of Turkey's Hot 40 Countdown and Live Saturday Night, Paul spent much of his time in Eastern Europe programming, consulting, and developing new radio stations.

Capital Radio
Capital Radio in 1999

Through the 90's, Paul performed under the name RPM, a Duo with Rey Reynaud on co-lead vocals, at live music venues in Europe and the Middle East. Rey returned to the US, and Paul continued the RPM shows solo at clubs and events throughout the region.

In 2002, Paul moved back to Canada and began work at 91.7 GIANT FM, Niagara's Classic Rock.


Paul Marshal hosts the Rock & Roll Saturday Night and evenings on 91.7 GIANT FM.

WPI Studios
WPI Studios in 2009

Paul teaches guitar for the City of St Catharines, plays live shows in Canada and the US, and is the owner of RPMDJ. Recording is now underway at WPI Studios for the new album, which features an all acoustic format of original songs with a couple classic covers from Dylan and Hedges.

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