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Private Lessons

Private lessons are rare, but sometimes available. Contact for more info.

Email: paulmarshal@hotmail.com

$30 per half hour
$50 per hour

Guitar Classes
City of St Catharines

Classes are underway for this year. There are 4 sessions: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. There are only 10 open places for each class, so reserve your spot early.

Classes are held Tuesday evenings from 5:30pm onward.

More info and bookings:

Online at www.stcatharines.ca

The teaching philosophy employed is designed to get students up and playing on their own as quickly as possible. This is not the place to come for years of ongoing lessons; 4 or 5 lessons are usually enough to get students on the road to playing guitar.

The rest is up to you.

Musician's Joke:
A man walks up to a street busker and asks "How do you get to Albert Hall?"

The busker replies "Practice man, practice."

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