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Bangkok 4 Track:
We are working to recover original Bangkok 4 track recordings to remaster digitally. The songs are there, but the audio quality is not: here's the original Bangkok 4 track mixdown to cassette of Dust on my Sheets:

Paul Marshal - Dust On My Sheets

First Takes:
The first take of Fine Line 68 and Woman of the World are now back up. Crying Out is the acoustic live show opener.

Paul Marshal - Crying Out
Paul Marshal - Fine Line 68

We don't have a name for the album yet, so send in your suggestions:
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Best suggestion so far: Moaya

Paul Marshal on Michael Hedges:
Segovia said there would be one who would reinvent the instrument. In the words of William Ackerman, "It was like watching the guitar being reinvented." I had a similar experience in a Vancouver book store in 1984 on hearing Aerial Boundaries for the first time.
New Album
We'll be posting some of the cuts and demos from the new album. There are many original pieces, some old and some new, plus two covers: one from Bob Dylan and one from the great Michael Hedges.
Phatthaya Morning:
A misty, laid back morning in Phatthaya. Perhaps the best time to be there.
Paul Marshal on writing Hockey Night:

First, there was an Anaheim playoff game a few years back that opened with Hells Bells by AC/DC; smoke, lights, and that angry Duck logo; very cool. Iíd been working on a riff that had a similar feel just a few weeks earlier, so decided to use it here.

Second, I listened to theme songs from lots of major sporting event shows, and decided to go with a straight ahead 16 bar blues rock riff and complementary vocal. I felt it best captured the excitement and energy of a Hockey Night.

Finally, the guitar lead was built backwards from the hook at the very end of the solo. I came up with a modification to the standard D bend to E A (in A) about 6 months ago that I was planning to use in another song, but it fit so well at the end of the break, I laid it in and worked backwards from there. Itís mainly just standard blues riff stuff, but I do like the double back scale just before the lick.

On writing the lyrics: the first verse presents visual imagery from that Anaheim game. In the second verse I worked with the rougher side of the sport, drawing imagery from popular horror and mafia movies (even a bit of West Side Story too). The final verse is action on the ice: thereís a few shotís on goal, the puck gets bogged down in the corner, and they break out with a trap.

Cheers and thanks for the support,

Paul Marshal Retro

Paul Marshal

Hockey Night and Phatthaya Morning are available through iTunes, Amazon, M-Box, etc.

Phatthaya Morning Picture:

The picture was taken at 10pm outside our house on a Saturday night in February; 10am Sunday morning in Phatthaya. As Trink would write in the Nite Owl: Nuff said.

Fine Line 68

The "68" in Fine Line 68 is because of the time signature, not because of a date.


Music News Etc:
Music is always in production for new Paul Marshal tunes. We'll have them here first, so check back soon.

The instrumental version of Hockey Night is used as the theme music for The Rock & Roll Saturday Night on GIANT FM.

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Blast from the distant past: Blast from the more recent past:  
Crying Out (1985)


Comfortably Numb (2002)


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